about me

I am an anti-diet registered dietitian nutritionist passionate about helping people develop a better relationship with food and their bodies. I am a firm believer in the intuitive eating movement and its ability to increase our self-confidence with food freedom, gentle movement, and ending the dieting cycle forever. I am a Health at Every Size clinician with the life goal of changing the dialogue centered around weight and health. No matter your weight or body shape, you can achieve your health-related goals.

At the core, I am a foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen. I am constantly developing recipes to help you fall back in love with food. I have experienced my unfair share of weight stigma and discrimination. For this reason, my relationship with food and my body have been far from perfect. Cooking has allowed me to appreciate the nourishing capabilities of food for our bodies and souls. Join me on this journey as I explore body acceptance, food freedom, and ending weight stigma and discrimination.

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